Termos & Condições

Nanny Fine Lda. Develops its work based on terms expressed in the present document. Accordingly, it is important that a careful and detailed reading is carried out for each point before hiring the company’s services. This is to protect your interests and to know the principles and conditions of our services.

1. Concepts

Nanny Fine, Lda. –Service provider company in the area of basic education/instruction care to children through qualified professionals

Client – person/entity that intends to benefit from the services made available by Nanny Fine! By means of contract / service providing.

Profissional –person with the role of nanny or babysitter hired by Nanny Fine!

Nanny ou Manny (female or male respectively) – professional that takes care of the child and their belongings, carries out pedagogic and playful activities for their global development for a well-defined long period of time a short period of time.

Babysitter – profissional que cuida da criança e desenvolve atividades pedagógicas, por um período de tempo curto.

Service provision contract – written agreement between the Agency and the client, with the service provider Agency setting up the regulations of the requested service provision.

2. Global Conditions

The mentioned document regulates the services provided by the company Nanny Fine Lda, its clients and professionals.

The mentioned document should be considered in the act of writing and signing of all contracts, these being between the Agency and the clients or the Agency and the professionals.

Document subject to changes for improvement is of the Agency’s responsibility and it is for the Agency only to change, modify making all parties involved aware of these alterations with timely notice.

3. Agency’s responsibilities

  • Select nannies and babysitter for the requested services and introduce the professional to the client
  • Recruit the best professionals subject to confirmation of their qualifications, references and experience and collect all information deemed necessary and file it on a database.
  • Evaluate and analyse the compatibility between the profile of the client (and family) and that of the professional (nannies or babysitters) in order to establish the perfect ‘match’.
  • Identify which type of professional is more adequate to the presented needs by identifying the specific typology (sporadic or regular, of events or of support to educations, or yet support to childhood health)
  • After the selection of the professional, setup the contract of services with the client
  • Follow/Track in a permanent way each professional in their functions (work programme, schedules, behaviours, amongst other)
  • Train each professional so they can meet the Agency’s objectives
  • Provide the client with the information collected about the selected professional
  • Apresentar, remunerar as profissionais, no âmbito dos serviços prestados aos Clientes, nos termos definidos no contrato celebrado.

Client’s responsabilities

  • Make sure of the reliability of the information given in the act of the request of the services
  • Check if the presented professional meets the requested profile (qualifications, experience, age, amongst other aspects previously mentioned) in regard of the review of the information made available by the Agency and the interview (carried out by the client)
  • Enable the professional with the necessary conditions during the period defined in the contract (meals, hygiene, accessibility, amongst others), in a way that the she/he can perform their role rightfully
  • Provide all required information for the service and the children’s safety such as: health care issues, hours of medication, hygiene and sleeping schedules, amongst other aspects you may consider relevant, personal and family habits
  • Respect the professional (nanny/babysitter) and share all relevant information in relation to the child(ren)
  • Meet the agreed schedules. Additional time and/or non-compliance are subject to extra fee charging
  • Do not assign tasks which were not previously established, respecting the professional’s role and responsibilities, by neither superposing their tasks or overloading the professional
  • In case of change of dates and schedules or extra hours, communicate with the Agency in advance
  • Make the payment to the agency Nany Fine after agreeing the number of hours, date and the chosen professional. The values should be transferred to the bank account details made available when the contract is signed
  • During introductions, the basis rules of the home shall be communicated to the professional (what is allowed to be done by the children or the professional)
  • At the end of the service fill out the opinion form
  • In case of dissatisfaction/incompatibility communicate immediately with Nanny Fine
  • Inform the Agency of the decision of ceasing the service with a notice of a minimum of 15 days and maximum of 30 days, depending on the duration of the contract, before the end of the contract
  • In case of trips and events it is the responsibility of the client to cover the expenses of the professional, being the latter informed beforehand
  • Requesting the services of nanny and/or babysitter requires an advanced notice
  • When making the request of services, the client should pay the fee relating to the the request according to shceduled values and in case of cancellation this fee will not be refunded. Cancellations have to be communicated/justified in advance or will otherwise incur the payment of agreed fees.
  • Make sure to be fully aware of the content of the current “Terms & Conditions” and commit to comply with and repect it content.

Nanny and Babysitter responsibilities

  • Care for, educate, protect, pass on valid knowledge and concepts for the development of each child and make sure of their safety and well-being throughout the period of time under the professional’s responsibility
  • Guarantee that all provided information is reliable (both with regards to qualifications as well as other request subjects) or be otherwise subject to be responsible over relating statements and/or attitudes
  • Fulfil and develop, for the client, the services agreed in the contract signed with the Agency
  • Set up a weekly programme of educational work to develop with the child based on their age and current development stage
  • Meet the agreed timetables
  • Sign a commitment while the contract with Agency is running. The professional is disallowed to arranging services and/or schedules directly with the client while their contract with Agency is valid
  • Book the hours of service to the Client in the official timesheet
  • Inform of any irregularity from the client’s side on a day-to-day basis
  • Take part in training made available by the Agency
  • Cancellations have to be communicated and justified to avoid constraints and further consequences
  • In case of dissatisfaction communicate immediately with the Agency
  • Do not abandon the workplace without justification and/or communication to the Agency

4. Conditions and remuneration

Each service, considering the hired professional, has a distinguished fee

The minimum occasional service hours per day is 3h and the maximum 8h

For permanent services, the maximum hours worked per week is 45h;

All recruited professionals should have a family experience time to allow children to know and familiarize themselves, creating a bond, facilitating the coexistence and performance of the professional;

Services must be requested more than 48 hours in advance. If not, the customer incurs an urgency fee (see price list);

For each of the services a price table is defined (see Price List);

The amount paid to each professional will depend on the desired service, workload and professional profile requested by the client and number of children.

 The maximum number of children per professional is 4 (the 5th child being taxed at 50% of the hourly value) unless it is proven to be a sibling. 

The amount defined and agreed upon previously defined criteria, must be paid before the professional starts his duties;

Depending on the customer’s needs, packages can be defined that will be ‘remunerated’ according to the specificity.In case of non-compliance by the Customer, a tolerance of 30 minutes will be considered, and from that moment will be paid an additional hour with an increase of 50%, and so on.

The time requested and paid for any of the services (Nanny and Babysitter) will never be refunded if you enjoy less time for the service provided.Customer cancellation of service does not imply any refund of any amount paid.

 In case of withdrawals communicated in advance, and provided the justifications are understandable, the Nanny Fine

Agency transfers the amounts paid for rescheduling.

5. Data Protection

All data collected, regarding the client and professionals, will be confidential, and only the agency may treat it properly.In the case of professional data, the customer is prohibited from disclosing it.